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End of Heating Season Boiler Maintenance

When the heating season comes to an end this spring, it’s time to schedule your boiler maintenance. Preparing your boiler for the off-season will help maintain and extend its life. It is recommended that the off-season maintenance is performed by a qualified mechanical contractor. The maintenance performed should include:

  • Complete boiler cleaning, including flushing of water side and tube punching (cleaning),

  • Boiler feed tank, vacuum pump and condensate tanks should be flushed out and free of any mud and sludge,

  • Cleaning of the low water cut-off and feed-water chambers, replacing their gaskets and sight glass cleaning,

  • Boiler safeties should be opened and cleaned to be free of mud and sludge,

  • Proper boiler lay-up per manufacturer or chemical company specifications.

If you do not have a maintenance agreement for your boiler system, we recommend you solicit proposals to protect this valuable asset (a three-year maintenance agreement is standard).

If you have any questions please contact Jacob Preciado at 312.534.8060 or jpreciado@archchicago.org, or another member of our FAC team.